Friday, December 14, 2012

Top 10 Mobiles Below 15000 in Last Weeks

  • 1.    Nokia Lumia 710 |  Rs. 12999 | 720 hits | 1743  | 136  + Compare

  • 2.    HTC Mobiles Wildfire C |  Rs. 10778 | 704 hits | 792  | 124  + Compare

  • 3.    Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos |  Rs. 11148 | 692 hits | 318  | 240  + Compare

  • 4.    Nokia Lumia 610 |  Rs. 10999 | 664 hits | 873  | 103  + Compare

  • 5.    Sony Xperia Neo L |  Rs. 12790 | 594 hits | 701  | 22  + Compare

  • 6.    Spice Mi-500 Stellar Horizon |  Rs. 11098 | 593 hits | 529  | 1052  + Compare

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tut to convert Firefox Web Browser into a keylogger (Firefox keylogging)

How this Keylogger Works?
Whenever you login into any website using mozilla firefox browser it always ask’s you whether you want to Save password or not for that website.We will be using a script that will not give the user option to save the password instead it will automatically save the passwords without user’s consent and we will retrieve them later.
Detection against AV & Firewalls?
fully undectectable against Mcafee,Norton and Avast dont worry.

Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Check Whether a Website is Up or Down?

There are thousands of websites available in internet today.

Today's post is about active websites and dead websites. We can divide websites into two types, first one is active websites and the second is dead websites. So lets see how to check whether a website is up or down.

How to Check Whether a Website is Up or Down?

How to check?

Go to DownForEveryoneOrJustMe

Now just type the web address in the search box which you want to check.
After that, hit Enter.

Now it will check automatically whether the particular website is up or down and give you the result within few seconds.

If it shows you the particular site is up, then the site is active. And if it show you the particular site is down, then the site is dead or unavailable.
Hi guys,
Today let's see about another working internet speedup trick. There are many tips and tricks available to speedup the internet connection. Already we have discussed many tricks to speedup internet connection. Today we will see how to speedup internet connection with top 10 high speed DNS servers.

Nowadays DNS servers have become a most important part in internet connection's speed. Sometimes you might see dongle's strength is in very good condition but the internet speed would be less. This all happen because of DNS servers. 
When you are using the default DNS provider from your ISP, it will be a slow access. You can speedup internet connection by using high speed DNS providers. 

How to Speedup Internet with Top 10 Public DNS Servers

How to Get Google Search Results from Not yet Visited Websites

Here is a cool tip about Google search. We are using Google search engine to promote our every problems related to PC and some other general things. I can simply describe this as follows
"Google has answers for everything".

So let's see one of Google search secret. It's how to get Google search result from not yet visited websites. This trick will help you in many situation, if you're in deep search of a particular topic when doing college assignments, this trick will helpful to you.

How to get Google search result from not yet visited websites?

Go to
Search for something.
Click on Search Tools. 
Then click All results.
Finally select Not yet visited.

How to Get Google Search Results from Not yet Visited Websites

Chat with Friends through Command Prompt

1) All you need is your friend's IP Address and your Command Prompt.

2) Open Notepad and write this code like this!:


  • @echo off
  • :A
  • Cls
  • echo MESSENGER
  • set /p n=User:
  • set /p m=Message:
  • net send %n% %m%
  • Pause

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Twenty Top Windows Phone Tips and Tricks

Modern mobile platforms tend to dumb down their interfaces as time goes on, in an attempt to bring ever more 'feature' phone users into the fold. And rightly so, easier to use is usually 'better', but that doesn't mean that clever features and tricks don't still lie beneath the surface, ready to be brought into action by informed power users like you. Here are our top 20 Windows Phone tips and tricks for your reference and enjoyment. An article to bookmark and to share with others, hopefully?

Windows Phone in action

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Best Laptops Under Rupees 20,000 in India – Top 10 Branded Notebooks

Before buying a laptop, you should always know the differences between laptops vs netbooks vs ultrabooks. Usually laptops and netbooks are budget friendly. These low budget laptops are always a hot market in India. Seeing the rapid growth  for the best laptops under rupees 20,000, top laptop companies came out with better specs and pricing. Few low budget laptops are doing pretty good in Indian market. Bigger companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and Acer are providing best core i5 laptops within your budget. These companies provide a great customer support and value to their customers. If you are looking for portable laptops under your budget, then check the first few laptops below. They will surely meet your requirements. And if you are looking for best laptops under rupees 20,000, here we go..

Best Laptops Under Rupees 20,000

1) Asus 1015 CX Laptop (Rating: 3/5)

10 Popular & Best Intel 2nd Generation Core i5 Laptops Under Rs.35,000

People are searching for best core i5 laptops within their budget. Seeing the rapid growth in Indian market, the laptop companies are launching their products in lesser price when compared to the previous days. Most of us don’t know where to find the best core i5 laptops now-a-days. Everyone needs best core i5 laptops no matter how much they have to search in various places. Most of the people are searching various models on core i5 and i7. Usually we all prefer best core i5 laptops within a range of Rs: 25,000 to Rs: 35,000 . trickndtips4fun have collected a list of 10+ amazing laptops which are the best core i5 laptops in market now. All these below listed out laptops are  popular brands and are below 35k with best configuration. The best part is that, all the above mentioned laptops are 2nd generation laptops with minimum core i5 processor. Take a look at the below list for more details.

best core i5 laptops

10 Best Core i5 Laptops under Rs : 35,000 – Popular

best core i5 laptops 
1) Toshiba Satellite C Series C640-X4012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

maintain Laptop and Laptops' Battery....

Hi Guys I have some Tips to maintain Laptop and Laptops' Battery....

1. New Battery Pack must be fully charged before use.

2. New battery pack needs to be fully charged and discharged a few times before

it can condition to full capacity..

3. Rechargeable Batteries undergo self-discharging when left unused. always store

a battery pack in fully charged stage for storage.

4. Fully drain and fully recharge your battery pack every few month.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to secure hacking and never get caught?

1) How hackers get caught.

- First stuff that gives you away are "LOGS".
You need to know how events, application, and system logs work. If you dont, you can be easily caught!
The shell history will expose your actions.
Another giveaway is leaving a “:wq” in /var/log/messages or binarys.

- Your laziness will take you into problems.
NEVER HACK FROM HOME! Take your time, and go to net cafe or anywhere else apart from home. Logs will take you down!

- The code that you run on system will take you down. If you compile the code on target, libraries will give you away!

- If your victim, notice, that he is maybe hacked, or something is wrong.. He will ask from his ISP for IP logs, and if you don't use VPN, or if you hack from home, they will hunt you down.

- Thing, that takes you down 100% is BRAGGING. It is common problem of beginning hackers. They like to brag, to earn respect and reputation but NOT KNOWING that is the matter of minutes, hours may be days when they will be caught.
*Don't use hotmail. CIA Owns it.

2) Hiding and Securing you as "Hacker"

- Temporary guest accounts, unrestricted proxy servers, buggy Win gate servers, and anonymous accounts can keep hackers carefree.

*A young hacker is less likely to know all the little things that an expert hacker might know. Besides, the young hacker may be trying to impress others - and get a little careless about covering his tracks. This is why younger hackers are often caught.
*An older hacker, on the other hand, will rarely leave any tracks. They know how to use their slave's computers as a tool for a launching place to get into another computer.

There will always be hackers, and there will always be hackers in prison.

How to Hack Facebook Password using Facebook Hacking Software

Everyday I get emails wherein my readers ask me How to Hack a Facebook Account? You as the reader are most likely reading this because you want to hack into someone’s facebook account. So in this post I have decided to uncover the real and working way to hack any facebook account. Actually there are many ways to hack someones facebook password like PhishingKeylogging or using Hacking softwares used to hack facebook password. In this post i'm going to show you how to hack someones facebook account password using a keylogger - Emissary Keylogger.

How to Hack Facebook Password using Keylogger?

1. First of all Download Emissary Keylogger. It takes screenshots of the victim's computer and sends it to your gmail along with the logs.

2. Make sure that you have Microsoft .Net Framework installed in your Windows. You can download it Else it won't work.

3. Extract the files using WinRar or any other zip/unzip program.

4. Open "Emissary.exe" to see something like this:

How to close any Facebook accounts? ?

Close FaceBook account(s)

Just Follow the steps:
Step 1 - Go to this url:

So this is the Url we will use to Report our slave. This Form allows you to report a deceased person (someone who is dead).

Step 2 - Complete the Fields:


Full Name: Your Victims Full name(Name last name)

Date of birth: Go at his profile and click at Info tab and get his date of birth.

How to make a private folder?

I wanna show you on how to create a private folder without software.

1)first of all,create a folder in your desktop,just name whatever you want.

2)open cmd.type in "cd desktop" and press enter

Shutdown All The School Computers.

This method only works if you are Sharing connection with other computers . Like in the School , Library,Colleges  etc...

Step #1:
Lets start ;) so first of all Open CMD if the Admin Blocked it , then : Open Notepad and write:


Step #2:
save it as "whatever you want.bat". (without quotes).

Step #3:
Excute it !

Step #3:
Once CMD Opened :
#1 Type "@Echo Off" And press Enter. (without quotes).