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Windows 9 (BLUE) Expectations...

Ten New Features which Surely should be on Windows 9 

Poor English = Good Ideas
   Hello from INDIA! :) For almost a year I am using Windows 8 and constantly find new holes in its design. Initially, Microsoft offered its users a strange interface, which is not impressive even in the final version. As a result, fans of the desktop can only get out somehow and come up, making the eighth Windows more effective. One gets the impression that Microsoft has developed Windows 8 just to gather feedback and suggestions on the future development of Windows 9 - to finally figure out what direction to move and how to correct the imperfections of the existing two-faced "eight".
This time, I will not again whining about the fact that the menu "Start» (Start) is no more.
Windows creators went underground and not even going to share any details about future Win9 («Windows Blue»?), Because they did not before, they gossip about Steven Sinofsky (Sinofsky). Because it's time we, the fans, to express their opinion on the matter. Here are ten key features that should be sure to implement in Windows 9, in my own view - a view long-time user desktops.

Essential function of Windows 9 No. 10: a window with a warning - "How not to go to hell"
Yes, I am aware that the initial screen Metro was included with and I will eventually have to endure his tile appearance. But how wonderful it was, if it was possible to scan the system to find out in which cases it jumps from the desktop to the home screen Metro.
Of course, some of the triggers are clear: If double clicking on the MP3-file, pop up, for example, Metro-app Xbox Music, failure to store audio advertising downtrodden Microsoft. Now I know that you can stop this horror, installing a desktop music player.
But the other jumps are less obvious, and can not always understand what to do with them. Please developers Microsoft, think of a way that would be warned in advance that I was waiting for a more detailed introduction to Metro-applications.

Essential function of Windows 9 No. 9: mute button in the Metro
At a time when Metro-version of IE to a page with audio accompaniment or I accidentally run into Metro at full volume, the video takes a million clicks (tykov) to remove the damn sound.
Yes, I know that the PC must have a special button that controls the volume. But I do not have it. So I have to direct the pointer to the upper right corner of the screen (or remember the shortcuts [Win] + [C]) and wait until Windows deign to take cover their "magic buttons» (Charms). Next you need to click on the "Settings» (Settings), put the cursor on the volume icon, exactly in the desired position, and slowly lower down the volume slider. It is not easy to do when on a Web page at full power rages start "Formula 1".
Certainly, the wait is a predefined keyboard shortcuts to adjust the volume with the standard keyboard - meaning too much to ask, though, and one combination for the mute would be very out of place. Maybe make [Win] + [E] for the "silent"?

Essential function of Windows 9 at number 8: Validate the control panel
Somebody tell me why can not I create a Control Panel (Control Panel) new user? Why do I have to go to Metro-panel, that is, "Changing the settings on your computer," and there to look for the section "Members» (Users), to simply just add a new name?
But this is not all. If I need the administrator to create a new user account on a computer running Windows 8, you must create a common account in Metro, and then go to the desktop, then open the Control Panel, switch to the section "User Accounts" and turn an ordinary account over top rank, that is administrative. But this is just ridiculous!
OS Windows 9 deserves a normal control panel, which will really control all the settings. If Microsoft will want to tie to Metro some of the control panel with special protection from fools, I mean, I'm sorry, user-friendly - then, please. But no need for this to castrate the original Panel.

Essential function of Windows 9 No. 7: Allow me to choose window decorations
Microsoft has refused to Glass and Aero, since they are highly overloaded graphics processors, wasting a lot of energy to create dramatic effects. Unhappy little chips ARM (by the way, produces the coolest video card manufacturers) could not handle the load. And because we were told that the team Microsoft «grown from Aero Glass: lined surface, removing distracting reflections and gradients are removed," and West Aero Glass interface called them "cheap and old-fashioned."
Here we are.
I really like the Aero, as well as Glass. But, if you do not like it - it's your business, because the taste and color, as you know, all the different pens. But I prefer to pay a few hundred bucks for the GTX 660 has 960 cores, 80 texture units and 2GB of GDDR5 memory with 192-bit bus. This beast is capable of rendering one left Aero and produce buckets bitkoiny.
Why, then, I can not get your favorite and Aero Glass? Hey, Microsoft, if you want to cripple the interface for running it on the primitive processors, I will not object. You can make a new Windows 9 more resembles Windows 3.1, if you like. But let us return I imagined back the same window decoration, which was Windows 7, all right?

Essential function of Windows 9 No. 6: Applications-Metro by iPad standards
That's it.
Compare any Metro-application built into Windows 8 with an analogue for iPad - you will not find one, even some competitive.
Metro-Mail (Mail), hell, can not even connect to the POP-server! Metro-Pictures (Photos) are not able to correct the effect of "red eye". And navigate folders in any application - is almost as comfortable as the DOS prompt enter CD. Applications Xbox Video and Xbox Music-an ordinary extended advertising with limited functionality. ITunes application for Windows (by the way, I used to scold her) nine years ago and was much more functional. And now all Metro-applications are so bad that even ashamed. They can I continue to complain endlessly.
And by the way, why no Metro-calculator comparable to calc.exe in functionality?

Essential function of Windows 9, number 5: useful "magic button" located on the desktop
At present, these "miracle button" just is, that's where the good ends.
«Search» (Search) brings me to the initial screen Metro. Well, it is! He can not even run in Internet Explorer 10 Search Bing - in short, it is a useless feature.
Speak of "the public domain» (Share) - ridiculous. He does not even see the contents of the clipboard, for more, for example, about the exotic style contracts Metro, do not need and mention. "Since you can not send personal desktop" - said to me, this button is useless. Why do you then do I need on my desktop?
But the "Devices» (Devices) graciously offered me to include a second screen - oh ... Why are these "devices" can not normally provide me access to all devices, such as the "Devices and Printers" in Windows 7? That's how I was able to quickly see if the ink does not run out and whether the scanner is connected to the network. But instead, I offer a melancholy expand your horizons with a second screen, which, basically I have not.
"Options» (Settings) ... (Grabs his head)! You can select "Network", but get totally unnecessary pop-up notification. You can play with the "rocker" the volume or turn off the PC - but leave the operating system or to include another account can not, because it is possible only on the home screen Metro. You can call the Control Panel, or rather, its stripped-down version that does not manage. Calm, breathe deeply.

Essential function of Windows 9 number 4: the right notice
Even pop-up notifications - "toast" in Windows 8 turned out. The term "toast" came out very good, so take off my hat to the author.
But that's why I do not get notified about things really necessary?
If you suddenly turn off the Internet, why not pop-up notification telling me about this? Cover with a copper basin if the connection to the server, why Windows does not warn me about this? If 4G has 2G, I still do it ever seen, but why the OS itself can not keep track of such things and notify me in time?
Furthermore SMART technology has been around for almost 20 years. Why, tell me, Windows is not able to monitor the status of hard drives SMART and alert me when they go wrong? And why do I get a warning about overheating or damage to the CPU just a fan?
Essential function of Windows 9 No. 3: The second screen for Metro
I tried very hard, but I still failed to configure an additional monitor, which would be able to take on all unannounced visits to the Metro. Someone probably made a fortune in the production of an additional 10-inch touch screen that will be a great addition to the classic monitors only the initial screen Metro. In that case, if I make something stupid and random dips in the Metro, then on the main desktop screen remains, and small monitor will help me to quickly get back.
In Win8 there is good support for multiple monitors simultaneously. However, it is not as intellectually, to keep on the same screen Metro, a desktop operating system Windows 8 - on the other (s). And so it would be better.

Essential function of Windows 9 No. 2: An alternative basic load
No, I did not dream that is usually referred to as a multi-boot.
It is understood that there must be an easy way to customize the Windows Control Panel in the same way that the system is immediately loaded into the desktop (or in the Metro). It would be nice just to be able to assign a key [Win] to open the desktop, not the home screen Metro. But I doubt that this idea will materialize.

Essential function of Windows 9 number 1: and my most insistent demand ...
Be sure to return ... "Start" menu again. Well, I fib, promising no more whining about the old "Start" menu. But I can not help it.
The fact that there is a precedent. Those who are already using Office, could recall a similar development.
Office 2003 was the menu: a line of text at the top, where the drop down list text commands in a column, appearing when you click on the column header. You press, for example, "File» (File) and you will see the "Create» (New), «Close» (Close), «Open» (Open), «Save» (Save), «Print» (Print), as well a "Save As» (Save As), and so on, in general, the good old menu.
In the version of Office 2007, so called tape. Instead of a line of text menus were invented "tabs." You click on the tab - there is a bar of icons placed along the page, not vertically, but horizontally. This was probably the Progress (just with a capital "P"), but to Microsoft forced to make compromises.
In particular, in Office 2007, users had to still open the files. But the word "File" has been impossible to navigate, is now offering a mythical way to guess that you have to press the top left corner of the round logo Office, to cause all the commands that are associated with files. Approximately in the same manner that people now have to guess what is necessary to bring the mouse to the lower left corner of the desktop in Windows, to move to the initial screen of Metro, or click in the Metro-version of Internet Explorer, right-click to open a new tab .
Right out of a series of "non-obvious - unbelievable."
At the time of release of Office 2010 by Microsoft, probably find that normal sane people like us, you can not guess what you need to click on anything not marked circular icon at the top left corner to print, open or save the file. So we returned the modified menu "File". You click on the tab "File" - and you can see most of the familiar commands, "Save", "Open", "Save As", "Print", etc. All of them are listed in the text lists the left of the screen, as well as the old native menus, although compared to Office 2003 are reversed.
Finally, the new Office 2013 there is "File" menu, where most of the teams out of old Office 2003 menu is located in the usual way, that is: "New," then "Open", followed by "Save", then "Save As "and" Print "- all on Meta, all open to the left of the screen as a text list.
We went all the way, in all that relates to "File" menu in the program Office: from a convenient and highly visible until it is not clear to a comfortable again, although it is messed up and back to the almost complete recovery of the old set of commands. Even venture to say, you just do not hit me - that Office 2013 will be "File" menu, even better than in the old Office 2003.
You may be able to elicit the same developers and Windows 9?


What to expect from the Metro UI on Windows 9 [Windows Blue]? 


Sitting in a chair and waiting for new rumors about the new operating system from Microsoft, would it be Windows Blue, Windows 9 or some update with this lovely name "Blue", one thing is clear - continuing stories about Metro UI...

Once again: Please welcome, "Metro UI"! And what we really "love":
1. You can't resize it to smaller size
2. The start word at the top left is useless, it serve no purpose. waste of space, IMO it should have be replace with a time/date clock + power button instead
3. There are too many gap between four edges of the start screen. This should have be use for putting more tiles, not empty thing.
4. Tiles are too big on desktop monitor, still too big on 13" laptop as well, you can get it smaller to fit more tiles on the screen.
5. Tiles are always group into 2 columns, they will not fill out the existing columns before adding one more.
6. IMO, the tiles on the search screen (appear when u type something on start screen) are actually better than the start screen itself).
Obviously the guy who design this "Metro UI" is an i...t (: because that screen isn't good in any platform, poor use of screen real estate.

Windows 9 - Concept Beta 


 ...or in other words - modified Windows 95 

Today, checking my email, I found a message from my friend called "Perfect Windows 9 concept". Opening it, I was disappointed! "It's not possible that this is what we need?!"

Personally for me it's not a Windows 9 concept, but some improvement in, say, Windows 95. This old, ugly windows design in combination with modern technologies and without the "Start button" - a combination that I never dreamed in my own nightmares!!!
This, of course, is my personal opinion, but I hope that Microsoft will consider all the mistakes and users frustrations that we see in case of Windows 8.

Windows 9 Build 9622 Continues Windows 8 Interface 


Windows 9 Rumors to Date
   In September, 2012 there was rumors that Microsoft Windows team was divided into two parts: one part is responsible for the research and development of the next generation of Windows (Windows 9), and the other - for developing Windows Blue. In early October, Microsoft CEO also confirmed that entered the development stage of Windows 10.
According to the news from "authority" websites, Windows 9 is currently in Alpha phase, and testers have the latest build 9622. Compared with Windows 8, the progress in the development of Windows 9, markedly accelerated.
What's the difference between Windows 9 and Windows 8? In Windows 9 user interface is still in a very early stage of development, virtually unchanged, only difference is in the new kernel (version 6.3). According to plans, the official Microsoft Windows 9 will continue to use existing Windows Metro UI, which is the biggest innovation in Windows 8.
Windows 9 Desktop interface will be more flat, and the Aero and the old Start button will never return.

So, What about 128-bit Windows 9? 


New Rumors about 128-bit Operating System from Microsoft
   Our regular reader from Russia sent us another interesting article about Windows 9 [Windows Blue], Unfortunately text was in Russian, and we had to translate it to english using Google Translate. The result is pretty interesting... :) Enjoy:
It's no secret that the output at the end of last year, the new operating system from Microsoft called Windows 8 is very difficult to be called a success of the company.
The reasons are many, and devote their description can be an essay, but they can shamelessly reduced to two factors - the lack of any revolutionary changes in the functionality of the system as compared to its predecessor and, of course, is not very simple interface, which, gently speaking, can not be recognized as a model of ergonomic.
Microsoft is seriously concerned about the current market status quo. Official statistics relentless and eloquently proved by the fact that the international community supporters did not like the last one, the eighth version of the software platform.
In just the first month of implementation of the Windows 8 desktop PC sales fell by 24%, and laptops - 9%. The volume of sales of tablets, which was made the main rate and for which has been specially designed interface Metro, did not even reach 1%, which is a failure indicator for innovation from Microsoft.
But Microsoft, the powerful and the little things just can not knock it off course to penetrate Windows in every home, in every computer, whether desktop or portable. Thus, even before the official release of Windows 8 spaces of the Internet began to spread rumors that the company plans to soon please their supporters even more new operating system.
However, many rumors and official statements do not contain Microsoft's absolutely no useful information could shed light on the innovations that will be reflected in the next operating system. There is even a view that the activities of the company is now divided into two vectors, one of which is the development of Windows 9, and the second - development of Windows Blue.
And after all this, Microsoft's director, said that work had begun on the creation of more and Windows 10, you finally all confused. We must assume that Windows 10 and Blue - are one and the same, although no official confirmation of this assumption has not.
But we shall not puzzle over marketing policies Microsoft, and sort out what is in store for us the new operating system. Let's call it Windows 9, but experts agree that the name, in the end, will be changed.
So, at the moment the project Windows 9 is under Alpha, testers and provided the latest build at number 9622. What about this build? Nothing joyful for those who expect Microsoft will work on bugs and eliminate or modify the most controversial elements of the platform. So, the Metro interface will be developed further, despite the fact that the world was not very welcoming accepted it. The old "Start" menu and interface design theme «Aero» never return. Moreover, the design of the desktop will become more flat and minimalist.
In addition, there is information that applications written for Windows 8 will not run on Windows 9, which looks rather contradictory. On the one hand, everything is logical - the company spur software developers to fruitful work programs to ensure the new platform. And on the other - not too often prevents the possibility of Microsoft compatibility "bottom-up"? After all, there is nothing revolutionary happens, the core will remain broadly the same, the interface too, and if the system requirements change, it is not essential.
Especially since there is a perception that the new platform will be totally omnivorous in terms of iron, as it will be virtual, and cloud. The tolerance "top down" alleged to be realized, and users of Windows 8 will be able to work with software written for the new version of the operating system. In short, the potential user again forgotten his interests no one cares, everyone is busy marketing maneuvers in favor of achieving new financial horizons.
And the most interesting and unpleasant for Windows, living in the former Soviet Union. Platform Update to the latest version can only owners of a licensed copy of the previous version of the operating system. It is not known whether the possible upgrade Windows 7 or willing to be at the forefront of technological progress will still buy a retail copy of Windows 8. One thing is clear - have to pay money, on which all of us have long ago lost the habit. In the case of a pirated copy of the upgrade - all applications, account, respectively, a copy of Windows 9 refuse to work.
And now a bit of honey in our barrel of tar, but not the fact that the news like everyone. The new operating system at the request of the insiders will be officially launched in the summer of this year. Will there be a complete system or a certain volume addition to Windows 8 is not yet known. The second interesting point is that the new "window" will spread, if not free, then at least for a very insignificant, a nominal fee.
Rumor has it that Microsoft so discouraged failure latest version of its operating system that is ready to do anything to her new rightful place in every desktop and laptop computer. This means that the rumors of free new "windows" may well be true.
It also became known that the new version of the operating system will receive an annual update for both portable and desktop PCs. Resort to the introduction of the annual cycle of updates the company made the competition with Google and Apple, but rather with those companies represented by the extremely popular mobile platforms.
In the context of competition with these monsters of the world of mobile operating systems becomes clear desire to make their Microsoft platform free. Indeed, to date mobile version of Windows can not compete with either iOS, or with Android. And the fact that for it to pay more money and finally reduces its competitiveness in the no.
Obviously, the users decided to conquer the market for mobile devices and laptops on which to release Windows Phone 7 takes a very good position. This is evidenced by the fact that from the eight, the distribution of the operating system includes both a desktop and mobile version of desktop and mobile interface.
Microsoft has decided to move further in the direction of mobilization, as evidenced by the introduction or transfer of the system to the cloud principle. Browser-based operating systems are increasingly in vogue, and inexorably expand the horizons of its influence on the minds of users. So Microsoft decided not to fall back, and create a really brilliant, and most importantly the actual and fashionable product, which will win the heart of the modern Internet community.
In addition, Windows 9, most likely will not support 32-bit hardware, and will focus on the support 64, and possibly 128-bit architectures.
As for the interface, it is quite difficult to make realistic assumptions on that score now. Developers are served us mixed messages also are not often treated to. Information gaps, as they can fill all and sundry, but to find out who has the accurate information, and those who simply imaginative, not so easy. In addition, plans melkomyagkih change almost instantaneously, which further complicates our attempts to predict the outcome of a new project.
So announce the number of the most significant in the opinion of experts advantages upcoming Windows 9. Desktop interface Windows 9 is under development, because it is too early to talk about, but because you really want - tell the secret. According to insiders, the interface will look like a single desktop, full of all sorts of floating and docked windows in the style of Visual Studio.
All aspects of the system will be covered by a full voice control, which is quite nice and certainly convenient. As already mentioned, the system will be mostly cloudy, or browser, for orientation to the deep integration of online support services - priority for developers. File trees will be replaced with a new way of organizing information display array. He will be replaced by the so-called file window.
Since Windows system cloud nine and in a sense the virtual, it is believed that switching between installed on the same computer operating system will be made without rebooting. At least, from the Windows 9 without problems and delays will be accessible on Wednesday Windows XP, 7 or 8.
Thus, if at least one-third of what we now know about the features of Windows 9 will be implemented in the official version, then we can say that the system is at least potentially a very interesting and promising and innovative. Why potentially? Because Microsoft has taught us that everything and always makes half.
Her beautiful, promising ideas are often accompanied by very mediocre realization that is not happy with the adherents of this company. Let's hope that the failure of Windows 8 sober developers, and they decide, finally, all the revolutionary and surprising perfectly "lick" software.


Windows 9 (nine) [Windows Blue] New Details 2013 


Let me tell you some of what is already known
Hello friends, I remind you, that in October 26, 2012 Microsoft introduced the all new operating system Windows 8. Recently, it became known that the company is preparing a new version of the OS, called "Blue". This will be the first mass update for "eight", which will be released around the summer of this year.
Let me tell you some of what is already known, this will change:
As I know, it's main task will be the union of Windows 8, RT and Windows Phone 8. Create one single OS. Blue also will not act as a global update, it will be in their own, free to install for all current users of Windows 8 and WP8.
So, changes will occur:
1) Scalability-tiles will be taken from WP8
2) Will be modified desktop mode
3) The taskbar is no longer semitransparent
4) Availability of Metro UI widgets
5) Update the Windows kernel to version 6.3
That's all that is known. The key, of course, is the last point, since the kernel upgrade will bring a lot, not only in the interface, but also in all operating system.
Someone said, that this is a new strategy for the company, and I agree with them. Now, Microsoft will not release a new OS every few years, but just a cycle of updates.
For those, who have no experience with Windows 8, and will want to go directly to the Windows Blue, then on the application it will be very cheap or even "free" :). In the near future Microsoft should publish official information on the new OS.

"The only way I will use Windows again is if Windows 9 [Windows Blue] looks like this..." 

Windows 9 UI as Star Trek's LCARS
   Definitely we have indicated our views on Windows 8 and its new "Modern" UI in the past, and a several have even appear with alternative mockups for how the desktop portion of Windows 8 could be improved. But what should the next version of Windows appear to be? Today, we put the spot light on a design for Windows 9 (or possibly Windows Blue?) that may look common to many of you that was published by another one of our users.
In a discussion board post called "Windows 9", member Brian Miller submitted the picture below, with the declaration, "The only way I will use Windows again is if Windows Blue looks like this..."
Yes, it's a new Windows user interface as if it was being used on the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The official title for the UI is LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) and it was created way back in 1987 by Michael Okuda for the hit syndicated TV series. The design was kept for all seven years of the TV show, and was also noticed, with some minor variations, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and all four of the Next Generation movies.
We got in touch with Miller about the design and style and he told us, "My boss created it and shared it with us in an email. I thought I'd post it on the internet. He hates Win8 and said the only way he would use Windows is if they re-did the UI to look like the LCARS user interface." He later added, "I'm hoping somebody can do a nice mod for Win8 to make it look like that fake screenshot."


Windows 9 release date expected in Year 2015 

Microsoft confirmed work on Windows 9
   Windows 9 release date expected in Year 2015, and Microsoft is already working on its long term strategy.
The company has just released that general support for Windows 8 will end on January 9, 2018, while extended support will be provided till January 10, 2023.
Windows RT, Microsoft’s very own Windows flavour created for tablets, will continue to get mainstream support until April 11, 2017. The company is yet to announce whether it wishes to offer extended support for this version as well.
“Office Home and Student 2013 RT has the same lifecycle policy as Windows RT,” Microsoft claims via its official support forums.
Microsoft has recently confirmed that work on Windows 9 is now in progress, but release dates are, obviously, yet to be disclosed, as the Redmondians still struggle to convince users to make the move to its new Windows 8 Operating System.

Lots Of Source So Thanks TO All...... :)
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