Monday, January 21, 2013

What to buy – A laptop or desktop?

You’re looking to buy a new computer and/or want to replace your 5-6 years old desktop companion. You’re confused! Whether to buy a Desktop or go for portability in the form of a Laptop?

Well, this is a common concern – A laptop or desktop?

Desktops and Laptops each have their pros and cons depending upon your needs and purposes. Here are some factors you should consider while buying a Desktop or Laptop :
This scenario is like comparing Apples to Apples. Yes, that’s how difficult it is.
The same components of a laptop are different from desktops as they are designed for low-power usage and are clocked at a lower frequency than its desktop counter-parts. The laptop components are usually denoted by an “M” which stands for “Mobility”.

Desktop vs Laptop -

Price is an important factor along with the performance. A laptop having almost same configuration as desktop will cost almost 50% more. So a desktop seems the more affordable option out of the two as far as the performance-to-price ratio is concerned.

A desktop having almost same configuration will outperform a laptop. A laptop’s performance is maximum when connected to a charger and degrades when connected to a battery and degrades even further when the battery starts going down. So for all you Power-Users and gamers out there, and on a mid-budget, the desktop again outshines a laptop.

Portability and Size:
Now this is where the desktop gets pawned. The laptop is definitely more portable than the desktop, due to its small size factor can be taken anywhere easily. You can take a laptop wherever you want, access internet, complete your work and do other activities.

Power Consumption:
A laptop consumes less power. A normal laptop consumes 20W to 90 W whereas a desktop consumes 100W to 800 W depending upon the configuration.

Upgrades and Repair:
A desktop is more upgrade-friendly than a laptop. The only upgrade you can do in a laptop is increase the hard disk size by replacing it or increasing the memory. Hence, a desktop is more future-proof. The upgrades available for laptop are also expensive than the laptop. Similarly for repair the cost is more for a laptop as the components are expensive.

Conclusion and Final Thought:
Buy a Computer which fits your purpose! Buy a Desktop if you are a gamer or a student on a budget.
Go for a Laptop if you own a business and require your files when you are travelling or a student living away from your home. OR
You can buy both and assign each of them appropriate functions. You can buy a Desktop with large screen for gaming or watching movies and a laptop for your office work or college work.
Did this article help you decide between a laptop and a desktop?  Let us know in the comments below!  :)

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