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Access Internet From Mobile Using Computers Internet Connection

Access Internet From Mobile Using Computers
Internet Connection
share this post with those who want to use
their pc broadband from mobile...
some foolish people buy a wi-fi router for this
they dont no that it can be done by simple
blutooth dongle
Yes, you read it right. I am not talking about
using mobile to access internet on your PC.
the opposite I am demonstrating here.
So you will be able to use FREE internet on mobile
1)you need nokia s60 mobile
2)blutooth pc dongle
3)download gnubox vergin for your s60 from

4)download mrouter from google
Download and install AnalogX at:

This enables you to share your internet connection.
Pls install your gnubox on ur phone first...
Install mRouter on your PC also..
ON YOUR PC (Microsoft BT stack)
Switch on BT on ur PC and ur fone.
Step1: Right click the BT icon in the system
tray, "Open Bluetooth Settings"
go to "COM Ports".
If it is blank, click on "Add"-> "Incoming
(device initiates the connection)"
Look at the COM number...mine is COM4.
it varies...
let's put it as COM#
Step2: Go to "Control Panel" -> "Phone and
Modem options".
Select the tab "Modem"
Add a modem.
Check the box saying "Don't
detect modem".
Select the type as "Communications cable
between two computers"
connected on Bluetooth Serial Port COM#
Step2: Go to "Control Panel" -> "network connections".
Create a new connection
"setup advanced connection" --> "accept
incoming connections" --> select ur COM# and
uncheck other connections/modems and
leave the rest of the stuff as it is and then continue and finish.
Step4: Right click on the mRouter icon on the
system tray
go to "Connected Device"
Refresh the page until it discovers ur phone.
Select your fone in the device selection
screen and click "Next>".
Uncheck the box where it says “Automatically
connect to this device when it is in range”
and click "Finish"
Step5: Now right click on the m-Router
taskbar icon and click on "Advanced Settings"
Click on the View button under "Additional
COM Ports"
Select the COM Port used by your Bluetooth
device (COM#)
After setting the COM Port, click "OK"
Under connectivity methods, look for
Additional COM Ports and expand it to make
sure your COM port is there. Click "Close"
Make sure that there is no error message...
Now that our m-Router is all set, let’s
configure Gnubox!!
Step1: On the phone, Go to "Tools"-
>"Settings"->"Connection"->"Ac cess points"
Go to "Options"->"New access point"->"Use
default settings"
Name it 'Bt' .
Make sure you set it to use 'Data call' as the
Set the number to call to something that
cannot be called (e.g 321),
username as abc, password: xyz
Leave the rest as it is...
Then, "Options"->"Advanced Setting" Leave all
untouched EXCEPT "Proxy Port Number".
enter it as 6588
Step2: Start GnuBox.
Now you should see on the screen that the
DialOutISP record is found,
and the phone number you just entered is
printed on the screen.
However, the ModemBearer should still show
'No rec'.
- Select "Options"->"Install"->"Create records"
- Exit gnubox with "Options"->"Exit"
- Start GnuBox again.
- Now you should see on the screen that the
ModemBearer is shown and the 'No rec' error
is gone.
- Create the bluetooth pairing between your
phone and the computer.
- Launch GnuBox. Select "Install"->"Set RAS
login script"
- Then select "2box bluetooth"->"Serial port"
- On the upcoming device selection dialog,
select your computer,
and in the question about encryption click Yes
(or OK if you only have that).
- Launch your phone browser and

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