Friday, November 2, 2012

This tutorial will increase your internal memory

Root/Unlocked bootloader
custom recovery
-this tutorial only shows you how to install fresh version of CM 7.2
with Gapps and bigger internal storage
other roms need testing...
This tutorial is made and tested by me on my rooted WFS

First step:Backup your apps and settings with Titanium
Backup, Make a nandroid backup and also save your whole
content of SD card!
Let´s go:
1. Use POWER+HOLD DOWN to start BOOTLOADER and choose
2. Choose wipe data/factory reset
3. wipe cache partition
4. Advanced-> Wipe dalvik cache
5. Ok,let´s go to increase internal memory size
6. Choose Advanced->Partition SD card
7. Choose new size of IM(Internal Memory),what you want (max
2GB), size depends of size your SD card, e.g I have 2GB sd card
so I used only 512MB( new size of SD card is now
8. In next step choose OM
9. Choose Mounts and storage-> mount USB storage
10. Copy files from attachment to sd card(download CM
7.2 :here )original data2sd 757066a1516tdkt
11. Now go back and choose Install zip from sdcard-> choose zip
from sdcard
12. Choose CM 7.2 file ,start installing

13. Next step we need to install Data2SD,which we have on SD
card,so install it
14. Finally we install Gapps
15. Reboot phone
16. Restore apps from Titanium Backup

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