Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Install Windows XP From a USB Flash Drive

How to Install Windows XP From a USB Flash Drive

1. Download WinToFlash to the computer with a CD drive ( ). This free program that can take the files from a Windows installation CD and copy them to a flash drive.

2. Insert your Windows XP installation CD and plug your USB stick into the computer with the CD drive.

3. Run WinToFlash and set it up. Tell the program where your USB stick is and where your CD is.

4. Click "Run" to begin the process. When done, unplug your USB stick and remove your CD from the computer with the CD drive.

5. Boot the computer you want to install XP on from the USB stick. Turn on your computer with the USB drive inserted and enter the boot menu. Most computers will, immediately after being turned on, enter the boot menu and tell you a certain key to press to enter the boot menu. Frequently, this is "F12," but it varies from computer to computer. If there are no on-screen instructions consult your computer's documentation to find out more.

Once your computer boots from the USB flash drive, you can install Windows the way you normally would, following the on-screen prompts.

****"MOST PREFERED"*******

MANUALLY1. Extract your setup files into USB drive.
2. Open command prompt. Now type H: (Here replace H with the letter you see for the USBdrive partition in My Computer. Exa. D,G,I )
3. Now type cd boot
4. now type bootsect.exe /NT60 H: (here again replace H with USBdrive letter)

now Reinsert USBdrive.
Thats all.!

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