Sunday, November 18, 2012

Always search for coupons before purchasing

When purchasing anything online make sure to search for a coupon or promo codes before finalizing the purchase. Searching for coupons can take less than a few minutes to find and can save you on shipping or the overall cost of the purchase. When entering your payment information almost all sites will have an empty box for a coupon or promo code, as shown in the picture to the right on the GoDaddy page.

Coupon and promo codeOpen a new tab in your browser with the Google search engine and search for "xxxx coupon" or  "xxxx code", where xxxx is the name of the website you're making the purchase. The results should give you dozens of different places that list the promo or coupon codes. Look for what promo code will best be suited for you and enter the code into the order and click Apply or Ok. If the code is a valid code, your total savings or discount should be shown. If the code does not work or shows no savings then try an alternative code, many codes will have restrictions.
If you're wanting to browse available coupons or just want a specific coupon site to visit to look for codes, we suggest one of the below websites.

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